Where Is Dana Lee Burgio, Scott Hall’s Ex-Wife?

Dana Lee Burgio is the ex-wife of Scott Hall who was an American professional wrestler. He was best known for his tenures with World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

She was born in Winter Springs, Florida, United States in between 1960-1963. She has two children with Scott named, Cody (Son Born 1991) and Cassidy (Daughter born 1995). She did her graduation from Seminole State College of Florida (Bachelors of Arts in Police Academy).

Dana Lee Burgio And Scott Hall Marriage To Divorce Journey

  • At the age of 17, Dana Lee Burgio met her late wrestling ex-husband for the first time in the Orlando bar.
  • They eventually separated and didn’t re-connect until over 8 years later at another nightclub in the Orlando area, where they found each other again.
  • The couple began dating almost two years before getting married for the first time in Winter Park, Florida, in February 1990.
  • They continued to be happily married for almost 8 years and both Dana and her husband credited the strong connection they shared as a major factor in their relationship’s success.
  • Scott’s newfound success put a strain on the marriage as his time away from home increased and his priorities shifted.
  • Despite the hardships, Scott continued to focus on his career and achieved greater success.
  • Dana decided to split up, and Scott’s addiction to drugs and alcohol led to their divorce in May 1998.
  • The couple’s first child, Taylor, was born in Chuluota, Florida, on May 31, 1991.

Who Is Dana Lee Burgio?

  • Dana Lee Burgio works for herself as of now.
  • She is away from limelight and living a happy single life with her children in USA.
  • Since 2002, she has been operating her company.
  • Hall married his second wife, Jessica Hart, in 2006.
  • They divorced in 2007.
  • Hall was hospitalised after falling and breaking his hip, in March 2022.
  • He was taken off life support on March 14, 2022, after his family had travelled to see and be with him at hospital, and with them at his bedside, before he died about 4 or 6 hours later at the age of 63.
  • Hall was buried on April 8, 2022, at Trinity Church Cemetery at St. Mary’s, Maryland.

Where Is Dana Lee Burgio Now?

Dana Lee Burgio, the ex-wife of former professional wrestler Scott Hall, is believed to be living in Florida. She is thought to have moved to the Sunshine State shortly after her divorce from Hall in 2001.

Little is known about Dana since her divorce. She is believed to have kept a low profile and has avoided the spotlight since her split with Hall. Her exact whereabouts are unknown but her last known address was in Palm Beach County.

Dana Lee Burgio has remained largely out of the public eye since her divorce from Scott Hall. Despite her mysterious disappearance, it is believed that she is still living in Florida.

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