Who is Doreen Dowdall? Former Wife of Brendan O’Carroll

Doreen Dowdall is the former wife of an Irish writer, actor and producer, Brendan O’ Carroll. He is best known for playing Agnes Brown on Mrs. Brown’s Boys, a popular BBC show. The divorce ended their long-lasting marriage, which had been together for an amazing 22 years.

Brendan O’Carroll First Wife Doreen Dowdall

Brendan O’Carroll is an Irish writer and singer who is well-known around the world. O’Carroll made and acted in the TV show Mrs. Brown’s Boys, which was nominated for a BAFTA. Since its first airing in 2011, the show has been continually playing on our TV sets. Mrs. Brown’s Boys has gained a massive fan following due to its hilarious and heartwarming storyline, making it a beloved sitcom for many viewers. O’Carroll’s brilliant portrayal of the titular character has undoubtedly contributed to the show’s enduring success and popularity.

In 1975, he got married to Doreen Dowdall. When they first meet in Dublin, they don’t know each other at all. Over time, though, they became friends, and then, when they were ready, they took their relationship to the next level. The details of the wedding, on the other hand, are kept secret. After getting a split from his first wife, Brendon finally got married to his co-star Jennifer Gibney in 2005.

In his book, The Real Mrs. Brown: The Authorized book of Brendan O’Carroll, the Mrs. Brown’s Boys star talked about how they first met. Doreen Dowdall, Brendan O’Carroll’s ex-wife, also moved on and is now having a happy, healthy life with her new partner, Tommy. Doreen has kept her life low-key out of respect for her privacy.

Doreen Dowdall Net Worth

We don’t know how much Doreen Dowdall is worth because we don’t know what she does for a living. After she got divorced, she stayed out of the public eye and lived a quiet life. Brendan, who used to be her husband, is said to be worth about 16 million euros. He makes most of his money from acting, writing, and working on TV shows. Doreen Dowdall lives in the United States of America with her boyfriend, Tommy. No one knows what her partner does for a living right now.

Brendan O’Carroll First Wife Doreen Dowdall

Doreen Dowdall and Brendan Children

Doreen and her husband were married for 22 years and had four children. The couple’s children are named Danny O’Carroll, Fiona O’Carroll, Brendan O’Carroll II, and Eric O’Carroll. Brendan worked on the hugely popular TV show Mrs. Brown’s Boys with his children Fiona and Danny. Many people don’t know that Doreen Brendon and her husband sadly lost their first child when he was only three days old. Unfortunately, the hospital never let them take their new baby boy home. After some time had passed, her husband talked about what happened in an interview with the Sun.

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Her son Danny got married to Amanda Woods in the year 2006. Amanda is a performer, and she and her husband have two kids, Jamie and Blake. Dowdall’s daughter, Fiona Dowdall, did what her father did and became an actor. She was in the famous BB/RTE show Mrs. Brown’s Boys with her brother and father. She got married to her co-star Martin Delany in May 2006. They had four boys together: Felix, Isaac, Eli, and Dexter. Doreen’s younger son, Eric O’Carroll, also worked in show business. He became famous for his role as Bono Brown in the TV show Mrs. Brown Boys.

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