Edmond Dédé – Wife, Life Facts, Bio

Edmond Dédé was a black creole American musician who studied violin with Constantin Debergue. He was Catholic by religion.

Edmond Dédé Life Facts

  • Edmond Dédé’s father was a marketman, poultry dealer, and music teacher.
  • His father taught him to play the piano and violin and he often accompanied him to the market where he learned the trade.
  • He was often left in charge of the stall while his father went to tend to other business.
  • He studied at the Conservatoire.
  • Edmond’s major compositions were – Mon Pauvre Coeur (1852), Quasimodo Symphony (1865), Le Palmier Overture (1865), Le Serment de L’Arabe (1865) (written during a stint in Algeria), Méphisto Masqué (186?) (ophicleide and orchestra, with Mirlitone Instruments, or piano solo), Morgiane, ou, Le sultan d’Ispahan (1887) (opera in four acts).
  • On 20th 2021, Google Doodle celebrates Edmond’s 194th birthday.
  • Dédé’s was very fond of violin and in a travelling he lost his favourite violin.
  • On Jan 05, 1901, Edmond Dédé died Paris, France.
  • During Mexican-American war, Dédé’s instruction from Gabici ended when he left to seek work.
  • 1852, he returned to the US and worked as a cigar maker to save money for travel.
  • He travelled to Europe, first to Paris and then Belgium.
  • Helped friend Joseph Tinchant establish a cigar business branch in Belgium.
  • Returned to Paris in 1857.
  • Became an auditeur at the Paris Conservatoire.
  • Studied with Jean Delphin Alard and Fromental Halevy at the Conservatoire.

As a Haitian-American artist, I took pride in depicting Edmond Dédé, an incredible artist of Haitian descendent. Through his music compositions, he captured the joyful and vibrant spirit present in Haitian culture. Dédé’s revolutionary music compositions reminded me of my childhood growing up in Port-au-Prince, which was colored in passion and spirit.

— Lyne Lucien


Who Was Edmond Dédé’s Wife?

  • Edmond Dédé was married with French woman, Sylvie Leflet.
  • Couple used to resides in city of Bordeaux.
  • At that time, Edmond worked as an assistant conductor for ballet at the Grand Théâtre.
  • Couple had one son, Eugène Dédé [fr],
  • His son found success in music hall performances and built a solid career.

Edmond Dédé Death

  • In 1903, Edmund Dédé died in Paris, where many of his compositions have been preserved at the Bibliotheque Nationale (National Library).
  • In 1998, it was there that Richard Rosenberg found the sheet music for the Naxos CD.

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