Graham Ferguson Barnwood Builders Wife, Net Worth and Daughter

Graham has been on the crew since 2013, when he was introduced as “the rookie” on Barnwood Builders. Since then, Graham has quickly proven himself to be a valuable asset to the crew. His dedication, hard work, and passion for craftsmanship have earned him the respect of his colleagues and helped him become an integral part of the Barnwood Builders team. Barnwood Builders is an exciting American documentary TV show about skilled builders who use old barns and log cabins to build new homes.

The West Virginia-based Barnwood Builders returned for a thirteenth season in 2022, proving the show’s continued popularity. The show’s continued popularity can be attributed to its unique concept of transforming historic barns into stunning modern structures. Graham Ferguson’s role on the show, which has moved from the DIY channel to the Magnolia network this season, remains active. Ferguson was born and raised in Summers County, where he also did most of his work.

Graham Ferguson’s Spouse: Meet Shannon Murphy

Graham Ferguson from Barnwood Builders, is married to Shannon Murphy. Keeping historical structures in good shape is very important to both Graham and Shannon, and it’s made their relationship stronger. They often work together on restoration projects, combining their expertise and passion for preserving history. Their shared commitment to maintaining the integrity of historical structures has not only deepened their bond but also fostered a mutual understanding and appreciation for each other’s work. She backs him up in his work and often goes on road trips with him to see new states.

Shannon talked about how well the people building the house get along with each other and how kind and hardworking they are. She emphasized that their dedication and work ethic have resulted in remarkable progress on the construction project. She also said that their good mood and hard work make the building site a nice place to be and get things done.

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Graham Ferguson Net Worth

Graham Ferguson is estimated to be worth $200,000 at this point. His main source of cash comes from his outings on Barnwood Builders. Because he is so good at working with wood and making things, people want to hire him as a repair expert.

Graham Ferguson Daughter Willow Ferguson

Graham Ferguson has a daughter named Willow. Growing up, she lived in the quiet country of West Virginia, surrounded by the green hills that make up that state. As a child, she spent her days discovering the vast scenery and breathing in the fresh country air. The sounds of nature calmed her down.

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