Who Is Monae Alvarado Husband, Adriel Alvarado | A Prison Love Story

Monae Alvarado and Adriel Alvarado met in a Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution while both of them were incarcerated. They started writing to each other and eventually became friends.

The two were being held in a medium security facility for men; Monae was arrested before her transition and imprisoned accordingly.


Despite being in jail, Adriel says meeting Monae has helped them strengthen their relationship. Despite being in a difficult situation, the two were able to find solace in each other and understand each other’s struggles.

When they met, Monae, had already started to take hormone replacements but she hadn’t yet had surgery. Monae was given her own private cell for safety.


Who Are Monae Alvarado And Adriel Alvarado?

  • Monae Alvarado 29, and Adriel Alvarado 53, met while incarcerated at a medium security facility for men in Pennsylvania.
  • She was given her own private cell for safety and had started taking hormone replacements while in jail but hadn’t had surgery yet.
  • While in jail, she improvised her makeup drawing her eyebrows with a biro and using juice packets as lipstick.

When Did Monae Alvarado Meet Adriel?

  • Monae Alvarado first caught Adriel’s attention in the laundry room in the jail where he was working.
  • After this, they had to find a way to spend time with each other in a place where being in control of your own time is rarely possible.
  • Spending much time with each other, Adriel proposed Monae and she said yes! “I proposed to Monae in the yard where all the inmates were playing basketball. I got down on one knee in the middle of the yard.”
  • Only Monae’s family was present on their wedding day and Adriel stopped speaking to some of his relatives over their reaction to their romance.
  • Monae was released from jail before their wedding and did her top and bottom surgery before the big day.
  • As a couple, they are now living together. Both of them have served their time and both say that they are still as happy as they were before.
  • Adriel was a prominent gang leader when first incarcerated and also found himself physically threatened and attacked for falling for a transgender woman.
  • As of April 2023, Adriel Alvarado wrote on his Instagram ‘adrielalvarado1‘ which read as, ‘She will always be my best friend and the love of my life.’

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