Who Is Samra Tesfaye, The Weeknd’s Mother?

Samra Tesfaye is the mother of The Weeknd, a Canadian singer and songwriter. Her full name is, Samrawit Hailu. She was never married with The Weeknd aka Abel Makkonen Tesfaye’s father, Makkonen Tesfaye. She is the biological mother of, The Weeknd.

When Tesfaye made a donation to the University of Toronto’s Ethiopic program in November 2020, the full name of his mother was revealed.

Where Is Samra Tesfaye Today?

Samra Tesfaye is very close to her son. Also, her son Abel Makkonen Tesfaye wrote on her birthday which reads as, “happy mother’s day to the beautiful samra tesfaye, we love you 🌹.”


Abel Makkonen Tesfaye is the only child of Ethiopian immigrants Makkonen Tesfaye and Samrawit Hailu, who separated shortly after his birth. He was brought up in what was then the city of Scarborough by his mother and grandmother. Currently, Samra Tesfaye is living with her son.

Meet Samra Tesfaye’s Son | The Weeknd

The Weeknd has an estranged relationship with his father, telling Rolling Stone in 2015 that “I saw him vaguely when I was six, and then again when I was 11 or 12, and he had a new family and kids. I don’t even know where he lived — I’d see him for, like, a night. I’m sure he’s a great guy. I never judged him. He wasn’t abusive, he wasn’t an alcoholic, he wasn’t an asshole. He just wasn’t there.”


Tesfaye was raised in an Ethiopian Orthodox household and was taught the values and beliefs of the faith. Despite growing up in an Orthodox household, Tesfaye has never strictly followed any one religious tradition and has instead chosen to create his own spiritual path that respects and honors the spiritual values of all cultures and traditions.

When asked whether or not he was still religious, he stated to Variety in 2020, “I dunno…everything is a test, and if you are religious or spiritual, you have to go through things.”

His mother tongue is Amharic, which he learned from his grandmother through whom he learned this language. By attending a French immersion school, he was later able to become fluent in French. For his further education, he attended West Hill Collegiate Institute.

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