What Big Chief of Street Outlaws Doing Now?

Famously known as “Big Chief,” Justin Shearer is best known for his hit American reality TV show Street Outlaws, which features thrilling street racing competitions that keep viewers hooked. His dedication to the sport and his deep knowledge of cars make him a respected figure in the racing community.

What Happened To Big Chief?

Since its premiere on the Discovery Channel in 2013, Street Outlaws has become a culture phenomenon that fans and thrill-seekers alike can’t get enough of. Much of the world knows Justin Shearer as “Big Chief,”. He has captivated audiences with his fearless driving and charismatic personality. His dedication to street racing and his close-knit relationship with his fellow racers have made him a beloved figure in the racing community.

While Big Chief has been on the show for a while, this is not the first time he has taken a break. Big Chief had an accident during a race that kept him from coming back. When they were driving against Brian Chucky Davis, he lost control of his car and crashed. He was seriously hurt in this accident, including to his spinal cord, and had to take time off to heal. During his recovery, Big Chief faced numerous challenges and had to undergo intensive physical therapy to regain his strength. Despite the setback, he remained determined to return to the racing scene and reclaim his title as one of the most formidable competitors in the industry.

Now, it seems like the main reason Big Chief isn’t on Street Outlaws has to do with the rules of the production company. Big Chief felt that this policy was unfair and favored the racers from Street Outlaws: Memphis over other talented drivers. He believed that selection should be based solely on skill and performance, rather than predetermined preseason races. Additionally, Big Chief expressed his concern that this policy could potentially hinder the opportunity for new and undiscovered talents to showcase their skills on Street Outlaws.

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Is There Substance to His Alleged Drug Issue?

As days turned into weeks with no sign of Big Chief, concerns grew among his fans. Rumors began to circulate, suggesting that there might be something more sinister behind his disappearance. Fans thought Big Chief might have gone to a rehab center to stop his completely false drug addiction. He is looking to spend time with his family.

What Is Big Chief Doing Now?

Big Chief from Street Outlaws is now focusing on his own business, Midwest Street Cars, since he left the show. He is no longer often seen on TV. Instead, he can be found on YouTube. His YouTube channel has gained a massive following, with fans eagerly awaiting each new video release. His content not only showcases his impressive car-building skills but also offers a glimpse into the thrilling world of street racing. He just recently put up a video called “

Big Chief Net Worth

The Big Chief Net Worth is thought to be around $800,000. As a huge racing fan , Big Chief has made a name for himself in the world of street racing. He gained popularity through his appearances on the reality TV show “Street Outlaws,” where he showcased his skills and passion for racing. With his successful career and numerous endorsement deals, it’s no surprise that Big Chief’s net worth continues to grow.

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